Pikake Pursuit
Pikake Pursuit
on the hunt for island inspiration in full bloom


O'ahu Kaimuki-town girl here, motivated by the innovative minds of our generation, "mom and pop shops" aka startups, and local sustainability. The little city of Omaha holds a special place in my heart (who wouldʻve thought!) where my fascination for innovative cuisine, vintage hunts, and Jack Kerouac cross-country exploration ignited my wanderlust. But nothing compares to my heart for hula…it brought me back to Hawaiʻi. My kitchen is my domain and there is nothing Iʻd rather do than create a good meal surrounded by cheesy jokes and shenanigans.  


Two island girls inspired by the innovative talents of Hawai'i's local creatives. We share our passion for food, fashion, culture, and community through a uniquely local lens.


I am a Maui girl born and raised in beautiful Upcountry, moved to Oregon for college and relocated to Honolulu in pursuit of my career dreams. I am Hapa/Filipina by blood, Hawaiian at heart, a writer/editor by profession and a hula girl through and through. A dancer of 23 years, 17 of which with Hālau Nā Lei Kaumaka O Uka, largely defining my passion for Hawaiian culture. My Filipina foodie palate has a deep affinity for asian and pacific island flavors, my relaxed aesthetic largely influenced by my island home, and my connection to the world around me my greatest joy. 

Our Story

The two of us met on July 4th 2013 and instantly bonded over our shared love of hula, food and fashion. Since then, we have formed an incredible friendship that introduced us to countless dinner dates of ‘ono food, wonderful people, and exciting opportunities...giggling along the way. 

As Merrie Monarch 2014 approached, we thought we could combine our efforts individually (Kim for Ke Ao Hula's networking app, and Jade for MANA Magazine) to offer hula appreciators coverage from our unique cultural perspectives. Throughout the process we continued to pursue our passions from a Hawaiian and hula lens, which resulted in the most fun and exciting week of our year thus far. 

Since then, we continued to meet brilliant creatives throughout Hawai‘i who share their talents in a multitude of ways. Though not all are Hawaiian, all reflect the island lifestyle we cherish, and all are connected by our tie to Hawai‘i. We have so many that we want to share, it was only imperative and natural that Pikake Pursuit needed to happen.

As local girls, we appreciate the many blogs dedicated to surf culture and fashion, but felt there was another category to be created in the Hawaiʻi blogosphere. We are hula girls at heart who simply desire a unique platform to share our passions--and feel there are many others just like us searching for one! One of those passions, of course, is hula and Hawaiian music, which hold flowers in the highest regard. Fragrant puas like puakenikeni, plumeria, gardenia, pakalana and pikake are like gold. And since we are on a never ending search for island gems, ʻPikake Pursuitʻ fit perfectly...our constant pursuit of the all things lovely, unique and precious in Hawai‘i. It is our goal to be mindful of where we invest, to give our efforts to the hardworking local businesses we love, and to always adorn ourselves in local designs. 

We are proud Hawai‘i girls who love seeing our community thrive. At Pikake Pursuit, we are simply celebrating the successes of local creatives and sharing them with all of you. We hope you love them as much as we do.